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Why do we have such non diverse gender distribution at Swedish Tech companies? How is it that we find women working mostly for less tech-intensive departments? What can we do to improve the situation? TechEq is a unique initiative with aim of bringing technology companies together to actively improve gender equality within the tech-industry. What has been done? What has not been done? How do we want the future to look like? Together we can learn from each other and share our experiences. When it comes to gender equality, we are not competitors. TechEq is a network initiated by MTGx, Netlight, Tieto and Tritech (Now Prevas) with the aim of influencing the entire tech industry. Today there are several companies engaged to mutually drive the initiative. All participating organizations share the responsibility of pursuing the initiative.

TechEq agreement


We promise to actively strive for a more diverse representation between different genders within our organization. Within technical services as well as within administrative services, for the organization altogether, as well as on division-, group- and project levels. We promise to continue engaging in the question and do not forget or settle with inequality.


We promise to dare to count the distribution of the genders at different levels within the company and to not settle with a general appreciation. We promise to evaluate the results and answer for them and to use them in our continuous work towards a more equal workplace.


We promise to share our work, methods, insights, and results, to others with the same aspiration. We promise to value openness rather than competition amongst each other. We believe that the change we can achieve together is more important than our differences.




What is TechEq?

A member driven network where we together strive to improve gender equality in the Tech scene. We organize events and seminars driven by the network with focus on knowledge sharing about how we can achieve a more gender diverse tech industry.

Who is TechEq?

All of you and our members and a Steering group consisting of Christina, Fredilyn & Linnea from Netlight, Frida from Prevas, Therese from Mobile Interaction. We strive to have a diverse set of organizations represented, so if you are curious to join, let us know!

How do I get involved in TechEq?

Start by joining the TechEq Agreement. To engage yourself you can host an event, join events, share knowledge, follow us on social media, engage in conversations and challenge assumptions about gender equality.

Does it involve any cost?

No, it’s free to join.

Does it require us to take any action?

Yes, all member organizations drive the initiative. Any member organization may distribute invites to events connected to gender equality and diversity within the Tech industry. You are also encouraged to collect equality data, and (if possible) share it to the TechEq steering group. The following KPIs are a good start:

  • The percentage of non-men working within your company at different seniority levels

  • The percentage of non-men among new hires

  • The percentage of non-men within technical roles, non-technical roles and in management positions

  • The average time non-male employees stay within the company

  • Turnover rates for non-male employees (compared to company average)

In order for your company to improve its equality, it is important that you are aware of your current state and can measure if your equality efforts are giving results. TechEq wants to help you make your equality work impactful and not become empty promises, and that is why we push for this data to be gathered. If you choose to also share your data with the TechEq steering group, we will anonymise and summarise it on a group level, and use it to guide what type of events and knowledge sharing we bring to our members.

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